1. crtnyckphotography:

    Needtobreathe // Baylor University // Waco, Texas

    Found this one under the Waco tag. Go follow this girl! She’s going places!

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  2. This was kinda great. 



  4. wearesoulsonfire:


    People are not property.

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  6. vinylhunt:


    Waco, Texas With music playing as soon as customers walk in, and album art from Deftones to Taylor Swift covering the walls, Spin Connection attracts music lovers of all genres and pop culture enthusiasts. Stacks of vinyl records ranging from classical to comedy line the tables in bins along…

    Holy crap, someone actually read my story besides my mom





  10. tefotography:

    West Palm Beach Warped Tour 2013

    My head is in this photo from the photo pit! As you can tell I was having a great hair day that rainy  miserable day at warped tour…




  13. This is my photo from the The Phoenix Magazine in 2013!

    I can’t believe I’ve never gone online to find it before.


  14. ze-priest:

    Baylor University Fiesta Bowl Helmets

    Sic’em Bears!


  15. Set It Off by AB Altus on Flickr.

    West Palm Beach, FL

    For more photos: Flickr/Tumblr/Website