1. Kristen May of Flyleaf at Common Grounds in Waco, Tx by AB Altus

    Between the Stars Tour

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  2. Check out the full online photo gallery from Drowning Pools’ set on September 27, 2014 here.

    PHOTO CREDIT: Ashley Altus

    Hey! Check out my pics of Drowning Pool from their InkLife performance in Waco! 

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  3. Taking pictures of Drowning Pool in Waco on Saturday! I haven’t shot in forever, it’s about time!


  4. thecubanedgekid:

    Back in the Wack #mclanestadium #bayloruniversity #baylor #sicem #waco (at McLane Stadium)

    can’t wait to go back to my second home next month!

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  5. POZ Showcase: Calamity Jane



    Texas locals Calamity Jane are punk rock, full of energy, and refuse to be defined by any type of “core.” The genre label is not what’s the most important aspect, but rather a strong connection through lyrics and atmosphere. You can check out Calamity Jane’s latest EP We’ll Explain When We Get There streaming below.

    For Fans Of: Set Your Goals, [early] Four Year Strong, The Wonder Years
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    by Ashley Aron

    Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
    Davis Thomas Dillon 3rd (AKA DTD3) – Drums.
    Kevin Quintero – Bass/Vocals
    Gaven McNaney – Guitar
    Cameron Brickell – Guitar/Vocals

    What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
    All of us live in the Central Texas area. (Belton, Temple, Killeen.) Roughly an hour north of Austin.

    How did the band come together? How long has it been?
    About two years ago, myself (Cameron), Gaven, and Davis played in a band that went well into nowhere. We had one song, it wasn’t finished, and altogether we were bad. After a year or so, we ran into each other at Guitar Center on Black Friday. We decided to chill that night (the first time hanging out since the old band died) and I brought up a show that was going on in a few months with Stanley And The Search.  After listening to that one song we had in the band prior, we decided to give the whole music thing another go. (A lot of unmentioned things played into the initial parting as well; from our bassist going into the Navy, some family stuff, to just not having a good time) After our first practice we decided we needed a bassist. From being in a band prior with Kevin, I knew he’d be a good fit. First practice with him, we just kinda threw a mic in front of his face and went off each other very well. Over all, nothing but good vibes. This all happened the first week of December, so we’ve been a band for about half a year now.
    How have you grown since you started?
    Our music writing has progressed TREMENDOUSLY. What used to take us a span of three weeks we can now write in 30 minutes. We have a better grasp of what music we want to make now and how to do it. 

    What sets you apart from other bands?
    We aren’t metal-core. We aren’t any “Core”. While I have a huge respect for a lot of those bands, there is just SO MANY of them out there right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love that genre, but at least in a predominately heavy-heavy metal local scene, doing the whole punk thing has turned some ears.
    What’s the best part about being in your band?
    THE JOKES. Every time we get together we make fun of each other, make some horrible puns, and argue and it’s wonderful. We’re best friends and it’s apparent. Making music with them is just a huge plus. 
    More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
    There are a TON of bands we love that inspire the music we write. While we can not name them all, bands that influence what we do include: Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Underoath, Local Natives, From Indian Lakes, Stanley And The Search, Blink, MxPx, Periphery, and Animals As Leaders.

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    Soo this is pretty cool because I saw these guys for the first time ever in January at the freakin Dr. Pepper Museum with not even 100 people at the show. When my editor was looking for clients for her PR firm I suggested these guys, not only because they’re from the heart of Texas, but because I thought they were pretty good! And here they are on one of the biggest online music news sites, it’s kinda awesome. 



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    Needtobreathe // Baylor University // Waco, Texas

    Found this one under the Waco tag. Go follow this girl! She’s going places!

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  8. This was kinda great. 



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    People are not property.

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    Waco, Texas With music playing as soon as customers walk in, and album art from Deftones to Taylor Swift covering the walls, Spin Connection attracts music lovers of all genres and pop culture enthusiasts. Stacks of vinyl records ranging from classical to comedy line the tables in bins along…

    Holy crap, someone actually read my story besides my mom